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Our Design Brief

"Our current website is somewhat dated. Moreover as our business services and model has changed due to the current business environment our website needs to reflect this too.

We need a strong online corporate image, a new logo design, and some artwork for  work and Something corporate focussed that is easy to maintain and expand ourselves would."


Our Solution

A corporate design fitting with the the required industry positioning and ethos of AES was selected from a short number of design drafts. A simple website layout using CSS & XHTML to W3C standards was implemented and a simple but effective CMS attached.

Some control of the primary SEO influencers were provided to the client so that relevancy can be optimised across the website as required.

Web Design & CMS

web design & content management (CMS) case study

Advanced Engineering Services                   

Advanced Engineering Solutions (AES) is an environmental/energy consultancy company focusing on the provision of environmental management in current business models.

AES relies on it's website to reinforce it's credibility and ensure that the professional ethos of the organisation is communicated effectively. Alongside this deliverable, this website will be expected to deliver  some new business leads, and therefore has been designed with optimisation for improved search ranking for the Google.ie search engine.

A simple  integrated CMS (Content Management System) was built into the website such that the core content can be modified as required, (including URL, Page Titles and other SEO influencers)  as well as providing the facility to add additional content simply and easily as the business develops.

Website:- http://www.engineeringsolutions.ie

Customer comment....

"Active Online were open to offering additional value over and above their nearest competitor within our proposed web design budget. The result is great and has actually exceed our expectations. We feel that we now have a great working website that has been future proofed as much as possible by the provision of a well executed CMS. Can't recommend highly enough...."

Mr. Damien Phelan - Co-Founder & Business Owner