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I.S. 393:2005 Energy Management Systems Standard

The I.S. 393:2005 Energy Management Systems Standard was developed to ensure that energy management becomes integrated into organisational business structures, so that organisations save energy, save costs and improve energy and business performance.

I.S. 393:2005 is structured and based on existing management standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It also includes guidance on the use of the standard which primarily has its focus on the management systems aspects. This guideline identifies technical stages and processes of an energy management system. It provides a range of possible methodologies and approaches which could be used in both satisfying the standard and ensuring the development and operation of an effective and documented Energy Management System. The management system provided for in I.S. 393:2005 and associated guidance, should be considered as a support tool to assist implementation of energy management and cost reducing programmes. This technical guideline outlines methods of how to establish, operate and maintain these programmes. Organisations may then consider applying for certification to I.S. 393:2005. AES can install a management system that complies with the requirements of I.S. 393.


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