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Carbon Footprinting

The first step of any business’ sustainability / carbon management programme is to gain an independent & thorough understanding of its current green-house gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon Footprint business appraisals provide a comprehensive assessment, identifying current major emission sources and opportunities for savings in the future.

The benefits of Business Carbon Footprinting include supporting customer tender action requirements and Prepares your business for Carbon Reduction Commitment & other new legislation and saves energy & other operational costs. There are also business & brand’s sustainability credentials, PR opportunities.

AES’s Carbon Footprint Appraisal service is tailored to your Company’s profile. Our consultants will calculate your Company’s 'primary' carbon footprint - that’s the impact that your business is directly responsible for OR can realistically control within your supply chain. The appraisal is based on a set of energy usage, travel / transport and other operational parameters.

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Climate Change

The potential impact of climate change and the need to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are now clearly recognised as critical issues for business globally. With emerging policies and regulations controlling emissions, rising energy prices and increasing public and investor interest, no business can ignore the strategic and operational implications of climate change and the new carbon economy.

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The impact of climate change, however, also offers organisations opportunities to improve competitiveness and enhance innovation. Whether as a stimulus to resource efficiency, environmental performance or the development of new technologies, forward thinking organisations are looking to gain a competitive advantage from this agenda. See below for related services and client case studies in Climate Change.


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